Casino Payout Rates & RTP Explained

Calculating the chances of winning any time you play a casino game can be tricky. New players, in particular, might find it hard to understand how casinos decide the amount they have won.

Gamblers need to understand how casino games pay to help them calculate the likelihood of winning. Casino games usually have payout rates or return to player percentages, which you can check before you place a bet.

The secret is always to choose games that deliver higher chances of winning. Games with high payout rates or RTPs give you better chances of striking a win. Keep reading to learn about house edge, payout rates, and RTP.
How Online Casino Games Work

Online casinos have become so popular worldwide, with millions flocking to various sites yearly to enjoy multiple games. The websites allow players to access a plethora of games, including live games, table games, slots, scratch cards, bingo, keno, and more.

These games use RTPs and payout rates to pay out players and ensure casinos gain something from every bet placed, commonly known as house edge. The games’ outcome is random, meaning all players get equal chances of winning.

Casinos can’t alter the outcome, mainly because many of these games use Random Number Generators (RNGs). The system generates a sequence of symbols or numbers that humans cannot predict.

Playing at a fair and secure casino can provide a great gaming experience. Check out this list of the best payout online casinos in New Zealand. It can help you get started with the best sites in the industry.

Return to Player Explained

RTP means Return to Player. It is a game’s payout percentage in the long term. So, assuming an online slot has a 98% percentage, it means that for every $100 you spend, you will get $98 back.

In the same scenario, the casino takes 2% of its profit. However, this doesn’t indicate that you will lose $3 for every $100 you spend since winning is not always guaranteed.

Plus, you might win a higher amount, especially if you play a game with a win multiplier. The mechanism multipliers your wins by a given number say x2. So, if you win $98 in a game with an x2 multiplier, your total winnings will be &196.

Overall, the RTP of a given casino game determines the average amount you can expect to win from that game. The percentages tell players the proportion of funds bet by gamers that casinos pay out in winnings.

Why RTP Matters When Choosing Games

By now, you already know that games with a high RTP pay more winnings in the long run. So, selecting any game with high RTP gives you better chances of accumulating bigger wins in the long run.

While that’s not a guarantee you will win more on a game with a high RTP than a lower one, playing high RTP games improves your chances of making better profits.

Playing high RTP games often over those with low RTPs heightens your chances of getting better returns. So, you must check the RTP of a game before placing bets to decrease the risk of losing. Also, it will help you spend money wisely.

Another thing to note before you bet on any casino game is its volatility. Games with high volatility have higher risks of losing, although if you strike a win, you will get significant returns.

Understanding House Edge

You will often encounter this term while dealing with online casinos or bookmakers. The term is mainly used with games like Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack, and it refers to odds advantage in the casino’s favor.

House edge represents an average of the gross profits casinos can expect from every casino game. Casinos generate an average yield of 0.5% and slightly over 2% for games with a low house edge.

As with payout percentages, the house edge gives averages based on probability. You can use the house edge to determine the bets to place or the games to play. Games with a high house edge pay more to the casino in the long haul.

You will realize that games like Blackjack require skills to beat the house. If you love such games, consider improving your gaming skills to maximize your returns. Also, regular practice helps you become a better player in these games of skill.

Reasons to Consider High-Payout Casinos

Most of us enter the gaming industry to play casino games for real money. While sometimes we might play for fun, the overall goal is to place real money bets and hope they will go in our favor.

Choosing a casino with a high payout for your gaming needs maximizes your chances of winning big in the short and long term. Besides, these casinos have other aspects that make them ideal websites for online gaming.

High-payout casinos have a wide selection of games, allowing them to meet your needs. Whether you prefer live games, table games, slots, or specialty titles, all are available on these websites.

The casinos also deliver fair gaming, but you must select a licensed and regulated site. The quality of the customer service in these sites is outstanding. Most high-payout sites have fast withdrawals so you don’t wait for your winnings for days.
Maximizing Your Returns at Online Casinos

Ensure you pay attention to a game’s payout percentage to make the most from your casino visits. Choose those with high RTPs for games of chance since they increase your odds of winning. While at it, ensure the house edge is low.

Games of skill will require you to hone your skills to beat the house. Therefore, before you play such a game, ensure your skills are exceptional. It’s almost impossible to beat the house if you don’t use the right strategies.

You can increase your possibilities of winning by playing at casinos with high payout percentages. The industry has a broad selection, so finding the most suitable will be easy and fast.
Finally, you can get more out of your gaming by taking advantage of the bonuses the highest-paying casinos offer. However, check the associated bonus terms to ensure they won’t limit you from cashing out your winnings.