Best Helpful Apps for Students

The internet age has seen many smartphone apps conquering the world, making learning easy for students. The world is adapting to the fast changes in the digital world, and there are plenty of applications to choose from for various functions. The days when things were done using pen and paper are fading away, and you should not be left behind in those ages. Here are some applications you should have to make your student life a breeze.


Evernote efficiently organizes assignments and courses, making locating what you are looking for easier and quicker. Many students have a lot of documents and information, and it might take a while before they locate the exact document they want. Using Evernote will make your life easier and keep you organized and on a schedule. The application has a free basic plan, allowing students to take notes in various formats, including sketches, photos, videos, and text. It also allows you to sync notes between gadgets and share them easily.


A good academic paper must be well-referenced. Many students struggle with referencing, and some even decide to pay for essay to get done right. You do not need to worry about referencing your work anymore because RefMe has you covered. The application automates referencing, enabling you to create references and cite your work appropriately and in no time. All you need to do is search for the source and copy-paste the URL on the application. The app will create the references, and you can copy and paste them into your document.


Notability is probably the best iPad application for any student. It emphasizes the use of handwritten notes and sketches using the Apple pencil. The smoothness of the ink can make you forget that you are not writing on a piece of paper but in a digital space. This app gives you the requisite freedom to draw and write. Thus, you’ll find it helpful in mathematical and chemical equations as it allows you to write down formulas and chemical symbols. It also has a replay feature that enables you to capture audio and proceed to sync it to notes, ensuring you do not miss anything your teacher is teaching. Moreover, it has a Notability gallery feature that lets you publish your notes and enables others to see them. It is thus a helpful platform for sharing notes.

Office Lens

Office Lens enables you to take pictures of notes and whiteboards. After taking the picture, the application can convert it to digital files, which you can easily edit. Office Lens allows you to store your files, ensuring you do not lose them. The saved files can also be shared with a group of friends easily. The application’s search function is another game changer. It is often difficult to peruse documents to search for a certain keyword. The search feature reads texts on images and locates any keyword you are searching for, thus saving you time. The program can integrate effectively with different Microsoft applications like PowerPoint and Word, giving you an easy time syncing your notes to Microsoft applications.

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro enables students to view PDFs as slideshows. Several features are integrated into the application, including commenting, filling documents online, and incorporating your electronic signature. The app will better serve you if you are a student who desires to split files, combine various online documents, process files, and even convert documents to different forms.

Google Drive

Do not lose your important documents and files when Google Drive is available. Google Drive is like a personal cloud bag that allows you to store all your online documents and files. A unique feature of the application is the ability to store 100 different types of files, including Word documents, PDFs, and PowerPoints. Google Drive also allows you to access your files on different devices. So, you shouldn’t worry when you forget your laptop at home, and you have a presentation. You can easily access the documents on your Google Drive from your phone.

Google Calendar

One of the reasons many students get caught up with assignment deadlines and opt to pay for essay is the failure to plan their schedule properly. Google Calendar is a free application that allows you to manage your time better and even share your schedule with those around you. The app allows you to create various types of calendars for different functions. You can have one for schoolwork and another for home responsibilities. It allows you to schedule your tasks and classes while creating different reminders to ensure you do not miss an important activity.


Poor grammar and spelling errors can mess up a good essay. When working on your essays, you will likely make typos and get some spelling wrong. Grammarly is an application that will help you eradicate such errors from your work, ensuring you turn in a perfect paper. The application notes grammatical errors quickly and provides suggestions for replacement words. Though it is not foolproof against errors, it is the best application for flagging and correcting grammatical errors.

Chegg Study

Your professor might try to guide you through your homework, but they will not always have the time to explain things step by step. Chegg is perfect for breaking down a solution for you step by step, allowing you to understand how a problem was solved in an easy-to-understand manner. Another advantage of using Chegg is the 24-hour service it offers. Your professor cannot help you with your educational needs every time, but Chegg will provide you with a response at any time of the day or night.

Sleep Cycle

It is vital to get adequate sleep every night. It helps boost your overall wellness and ensures optimal productivity during the day. But how do you keep track of your sleep to ensure you get enough of it? Sleep Cycle app is the solution. The app assesses your sleep patterns to help you adjust accordingly. It works by listening to your sounds when sleeping. It then uses them to determine sleep cycles and creates a graph highlighting your sleeping habits.

The graph also shows why you might struggle to get quality sleep. The app also suggests how to adjust your schedule to get adequate sleep. It further offers music and meditations that help reduce anxiety and relax the body to improve sleep quality. Using this application will help you enjoy better quality sleep and be more active for the rest of the day.


Quizlet is among the top study apps a student can use. Many who have used it have positive reviews of how it helped them improve their grades. The application is an online study tool, and its main feature is flashcards. Memorizing flashcards helps students better record what they have learned than studying through their notes. A challenge people face with using flashcards is the difficulty of effectively organizing them. Quizlet comes in handy to address this challenge. It allows students to have all their digital flashcards in a single application. The flashcards can be accessed anywhere and anytime, even when traveling. Additionally, you do not have to worry about designing your cards from scratch, as Quizlet has different sets of cards that you can choose from.


SimpleMind is a great tool for organizing your thoughts and ideas to remember information easily. The app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to create mind maps without needing to learn how to create them using tutorials. All you need is a simple tour through the app, and you will be set to start creating your mind maps. It also has a free-form layout, allowing you to create topics anywhere.


Controlling your finances can be challenging in college. There seem to be endless expenses, but the income is limited. Things can quickly spiral out of control, especially if you are on a stringent budget. Mint will help you keep your finances in control by allowing you to monitor all the money you spend. The application helps you better understand your spending trends, and if you are reaching a point of overspending, you will get an alert to caution you.

Shutting Down

Many applications can make your student life a breeze. But to install the right ones, you need to know what you are trying to solve and the application that best serves the purpose. If you are trying to organize your notes and thoughts better, consider Evernote and SimpleMind. If your problem is referencing your work, then RefMe is the solution you need. And if you are looking to improve your written grammar and turn in nicely done papers, look no further than Grammarly. If you struggle to manage your finances and always find yourself going broke, Mint will help you.

The digital world has come up with numerous applications that offer solutions to most of the problems that you might have. Take advantage of the digital transition and download these helpful applications to ease your student life.