A Comprehensive List of Things You Can Buy With Bitcoins

Are you interested in using your Bitcoins to make purchases, but unsure of where to start? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of things you can buy with bitcoins using Crypto Trader trading platform: from everyday essentials to luxury items, and everything in between.

With the increasing acceptance of bitcoins as a legitimate form of payment, the possibilities for using them to buy goods and services are virtually endless. So, read on to discover all of the amazing things you can buy with Bitcoins!

1. Streitwise

It is a simple process to start investing in real estate using Ethereum, ETH, Bitcoin, or BTC. The escrow agent of Streitwise, Primetrust, will start facilitating the payment through you to your seller. Additionally, it has an IOS app for easy access to depositing funds, account statements, and checking out investments.

2. Aqru

We have discovered that one of the ideal places to start spending your Bitcoins is the Aqru. It is primarily an online platform enabling you to deposit your BTC tokens into crypto savings accounts. While doing so, you earn better interest on Bitcoin at prospering rates.

Consequently, you will start to make money using cryptocurrencies through passive investment strategies. Aqru offers one of the ideal crypto interest accounts under this space at 7% per annum.

3. eToro

eToro comes at the 2nd numner as one of the ideal places to start spending Bitcoins. It is an online platform well-known for its lower-cost crypto and stock brokerage services, with almost 20 million+ individuals using it for trading. Several novice traders will become happier knowing you can start buying BTC using your credit card under a low trading fee and tighter spreads. Crypto staking includes locking the tokens away for a specific time and gaining interest.

4. Fancy.com

It is a site almost identical to social media for shopping. It gets its items displayed for sale in the feeds of Pinterest-meets-Facebook. You might start buying directly through the feed with the Fancy as an intermediary between the seller and you. It even accepts Bitcoins as its mode of payment.

5. Crypto.com

The highly prominent crypto exchange offers over 250+ digital currencies sold or bought at competitive prices. These major platforms offer the best crypto savings accounts in the crypto marketplace. It means that you can start spending Bitcoins on growing your balance.

The interest amount you are earning on your Bitcoin depends on varied factors like how long you will decide to lock the tokens off and whether you will own the CRO, the native token of Crypto.com.

6. BlockFi

The other option that is well worth considering while assessing the ways of spending Bitcoin is applying for the BlockFi debit card. It is the pre-paid card issued by Visa, as you can use it at several merchants worldwide, both in-store and online. Furthermore, you can use this BlockFi card for withdrawing cash from ATMs.

The other benefit of this debit card is that you earn the rewards in Bitcoins whenever you are eligible to make purchases. It stands at about 1.5% of the amount involved in the purchase, as there are no restrictions. The new customers earn around 3.5% in Bitcoin rewards for the initial 90 days.

7. Microsoft

Microsoft was one of the first major companies to embrace Bitcoin, with the tech firm accepting BTC payments way back in 2014 when the digital currency was still largely unknown. This is somewhat interesting when you consider that Microsoft founder Bill Gates has yet to clarify his stance on Bitcoin.

Microsoft was the first of the main companies embracing Bitcoin, with their tech companies accepting BYC payments back in 2014 when this digital currency was yet unknown. It is almost intriguing whenever you consider the founder of Microsoft, Bill gates, which has yet to clarify his notion on Bitcoins.


The list we have stated above consists of some prominent companies for accepting cryptos. However, we might start checking out this crypto trend as a mode of payment on the verge of growth. Since multiple payments processing systems are becoming prominent with non-profits, smaller businesses and retailers accept Bitcoin as the payment mode.