6 Biggest EdTech Companies

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 put everyone at home and online.  Everything from online shopping, to movies, to virtual travel and to all forms of entertainment from video games to online poker using an Intertops poker bonus – we’re all at home, online, all the time.

This at home-online time has also served as the stimulant that sparked a genuine EdTech renaissance. All of humanity was affected, and the world as you knew it completely changed.

Due to the restrictions imposed to counter Covid, regular schooling was impossible. About 1.38 billion students had no way to continue their education from March 2020. Ultimately, countless school systems around the globe required a remedy. And so, the rapid adoption of online learning was essential.

This upswing, however, was accompanied by signs of a downturn. It’s not true, however, that educational technology has reached its zenith. More smart entrepreneurs are constantly starting businesses in this space, and they’re always coming up with new ways to make education more engaging.

From the sophisticated application of artificial intelligence to machine learning to the individualization of the educational process, there is no shortage of cutting-edge technological developments to investigate.

But some tech firms see opportunities in higher education, online tutoring, and corporate training as the future of EdTech. Here are five of the leading EdTech firms today.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo’s excellent teaching tools and user-friendly interface make it a joy to learn a new language on. The Duolingo placement test and other assessments are created with the help of deep learning AI. The latter analyzes data to come up with these tests in a way that is unlike any other language-learning platform.

The software makes learning seem like a game by providing engaging, portable lessons in small manageable chunks. Duolingo presents a method for long-term language retention behind the scenes but is a fun and engaging tool. Duolingo is a firm to watch in the field of language learning because it supports more than 50 different languages.

2. Byju’s

The company began in 2011 under the name Think and Learn Pvt Ltd in the Indian city of Bengaluru. Byju’s encompasses a significant part of formal education from kindergarten through high school, while its primary focus is on the STEM disciplines. In 2019, Byju’s was worth $5.4 billion more than any other education technology company.

Students can learn from and view video lectures on the app or website. Byju’s is now among the most prominent EdTech businesses. What started off as a basic educational platform has matured into a reliable information resource. Incorporating gaming into the learning material is a great way to win over the students and make learning enjoyable. Byju’s, a rapidly expanding tech startup dedicated to democratizing online education, does just that.

It is constantly innovating, making it one of the leading EdTech companies. Students will be able to benefit from a more conducive learning environment as a result.

3. Chegg

Have you ever been in a position where you can’t seem to get past a particularly frustrating homework problem? If you’re having trouble with your homework, Chegg can help you out. In addition to providing internship and scholarship opportunities, it also provides a database of textbooks for students.

There is an honor code in place at this organization. The IP addresses of students can be made available to teachers and professors upon request if they suspect that their students are cheating. There is a wide range of other services available, so without a doubt, Chegg is built to make a student’s life much easier.

4. Labster

Utilizing state-of-the-art gamification and VR technology, Labster brings a new level of excitement to the world of online education. Contrary to popular belief, these are not merely computer simulations. These online classrooms serve as virtual labs stocked with extraordinary interactive learning activities. There are more than 300 different simulations available, spanning everything from ecology to microbiology and beyond.

When it comes to hybrid education, Labster is a shining star. To further aid the educational process, a wide variety of printed materials are available, including videos, infographics, and lab guides. Fear not! Your kids won’t be left alone in their virtual worlds. Embedded quizzes in Labster, with results viewable in the teacher dashboard, are a great way to determine where pupils need improvement.

It would appear that Labster’s popularity is increasing rapidly due to the time and money-saving qualities of the app. Labster was named “Best Technological Learning Platform” by EdTech Breakthrough. Michael Bodekaer Jensen, Labster’s creator, says his ultimate goal is to hear a Nobel Prize winner for cancer research or climate change solutions credit their initial inspiration to playing with Labster.

5. Coursera

Coursera was founded in 2012 in Mountain View, California. When it comes to educational technology, it is a major player. More than 150 schools can be accessed through this system. They have classes available in a wide variety of fields, helping direct students to the best courses available.

Videos of lectures and student-run discussion boards are available whenever students need them. Furthermore, Coursera is among the most prominent companies delivering online learning.

6. Preply

If you can’t find any native speakers to talk to, you might have a hard time picking up a new tongue. Preply connects students with 49,000+ online tutors who are experts in a variety of languages to make this process simpler for them.

Those interested in learning a new language can take advantage of Preply’s reasonable rates and convenient virtual classroom appointments by booking them from their computer or mobile device.

Unlike your average video conferencing software, Preply is designed to be an outstanding tool for productive language study. Its learning plans provide structure and help you monitor progress.


The EdTech industry strives to use the internet to bring individualized learning experiences to students around the world. These are just a few of several EdTech companies transforming the online learning environment.