5 steps to becoming a profitable sport bettor

Online gambling is among the fastest-growing and most exciting business sectors in the United States. Millions of wagers were placed on the outcome of February’s 2023 Super Bowl, which shows the appetite across the country to make predictions and place bets on the most popular events. But this is just the start. There’s a lot more to come, and you must prepare.

Have you ever enjoyed the thrill of betting on professional sports? This could be the NFL, NBA, English Premier League, horse racing, or any year’s standout events. There’s plenty to keep fans busy, and the most famous online sportsbooks offer a wealth of markets and odds. The most generous bookies even give all new players a welcome bonus free bet. The Mybookie welcome bonus can be used to familiarize yourself with online gambling and the layout of your smartphone app.

As any experienced sports bettor knows, there’s no guaranteed way to beat the bookies and make a profit each time you gamble. Anyone telling you any different should be given a wide berth as they are either a liar or a scammer. Stick to the five points raised in this article to improve your strike rate with online gambling. These measures are all free to use, readily available, and adopted by professional bettors worldwide.

Do your research

No matter what sports competition or team you are betting on, it pays to do your research. You want to know the form, head-to-head scores, injury news, what was said in the latest interviews, and anything worthwhile in the gossip columns of fans’ blogs. The more you know, the better your chances of using that knowledge to beat the bookies.

This information is readily available online. It’s a golden age for bettors with free access to stats, social media, and more. It’s all at the touch of a button and can be accessed from anywhere using your smartphone or laptop. Take advantage and start doing the necessary research before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Get top price

Every bet you place should be at the most generous odds available. Although online bookies cover the same sports and fixtures, offering similar odds on the markets, the prices are different. There are differences in the odds offered by one bookie compared to their main competition. You want to get the highest price you can on your bet.

The best way to achieve this is to visit any respected betting odds comparison app, where you’ll see the prices offered by all major bookies on your intended bet. The best will be in bold, making it easier to bet. 

Secure the right welcome bonus

The leading online betting apps offer all new players a welcome bonus free bet. Sportsbooks use this marketing trick to ensure they stand out from the crowd in such a competitive market. 

The welcome bonus is a promo that works well for both bookie and bettor. Registering an account, making your first cash deposit, and placing a bet, you’ll land a free bet. This will be equal in value to your first stake, which puts you in complete control of how much you bet and the size of your free bet.

Bet in-play

An under-used but valuable betting feature is in-play gambling. This allows you to wager on an event that has already begun. Try this, as it improves your chances of landing a winner.

When the game begins, the pre-match betting odds carry over to the in-play field. You can now gamble at any stage of the play. Watch the action live on television, from the stadium, or through a live stream, and look out for any hints or patterns, such as a player threatening to score. You can then bet in play at the right time and for the best odds.

Cash-out for a profit

When you have placed a bet, you’ll notice a cash-out amount added to your balance. The offer will be equal to your stake initially but will rise and fall depending on how well your selection performs.

The right cash-out is one done for the biggest profit. When the offer reaches an amount you’re happy with, click the cash-out button to end your bet. The profits will then be sent to your account balance.