Top 10 Selling Music Artists – 1969/2019

After the article on the evolution of the 10 most important websites, the history and evolution of the most popular musical artists from 1969 to 2019 by number of annual record sales (Top 10 Selling Music Artists – 1969/2019).

The artists who have sold the most albums in music history

What are the 10 artists who have sold the most albums in the history of music from 1979 to 2019? This video shows the 10 most successful artists and bands in their era. In 1969 the first group to lead the charts was The Beatles, with almost $2 million of records sold. Next came Elvis Presley and in third place Simon and Garfunkel. In the top 10 you can also see other famous bands like The Who, Rolling Stones and The Doors.

The artists who sold in the ’70s

The ranking of the 10 best selling artists and groups in history has seen artists such as The Beatles, from 1970 to 1972, Led Zeppelin in 1973, Elvis Presley from 1974 to 1975, then Elton John in 1975-1976 and The Eagles for all the remaining years until 1980.

Just in the 70s some of the most important albums in the history of Rock Music were released: from 1971’s Who’s Next by The Who, to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in 1973, to Led Zeppelin IV also released in 1971.

Music from the 80s to 2000

From the ’80s to the ’00 the ranking is almost always dominated by a single artist: Micheal Jackson. His leadership among the 10 best selling artists in history was only surpassed in 1986 and 1991 by Madonna, in 1994 by Withney Houston and from 1997 onwards by Celine Dion and in the following years the advent of Pop music with The Backstreet Boys. In these years between 1980 and 2000, among the 10 best selling artists there are also Queen, Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, Nirvana, ACDC and the legendary Bruce Springsteen.

Best-selling albums since 2000

And who are the artists who have sold the most albums since 2000? Eminem from 2001 to 2008, Rihanna from 2008 to 2013, Drak from 2013 to 2019. In the chart of the last twenty years there are also artists like Maroon 5, Coldplay, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

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