The Most Popular Databases – 2006/2020

What are the most popular databases in the world? In this new in-depth analysis of the most popular databases on the globe. The data refer to the period from May 2006 to October 2020.

The Most Popular Databases – Evolution

In October 2020 the most used and popular databases are: Oracle, 28.4%, MySql 16.6% and SQL Server with 12.9%. The graph was created using the data present on TOPDB Top Database index and refer to the percentage of searches of individual databases on Google. Google is the most used search platform in the world. Compared to May 2006 Oracle lost about 3 percentage points. MySql also lost a lot of ground from 24.5% of total searches to 17.6%. SQL Server remained in third place in 14 years. The latter decreased from 13.5% to 12.9% with a limited decrease.

Most Popular Databases December 2020

But which are the most important databases by popularity in December 2020? In this case, thanks to the ranking of DB-Engines (link here) the first 3 databases are Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server. At tenth place closes the top 10 Cassandra in growth of +0.09 compared to November 2020. From ninth to eleventh place we find Microsoft Access that in a year has lost -12.73 score.

The 20 least used databases in recent months are what? Also according to DB-Engines Ranking the last 20 databases according to the score used by the site are the ones listed.

The Most Popular Programming Languages ? 1965/2020

Besides the most popular databases, what are the most popular programming languages in the world? In the video made a few months ago you can see this data.

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Source: TOPDB Top Database index .

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