The Most Interesting Online Casino Stats

Anyone who is a casino gaming fan is more likely to enjoy it online or on mobile these days than at land-based venues. When the internet came into play, it was a game changer for the casino world, and it’s since become very much the preferred way to play, and tons of stats support this, amongst other things.

2,000+ Platforms

It may seem obvious, but when one online casino had success, along came another and then another. In 2022, over 2,000 online casino platforms were operating on the internet. You could even say there were enough slices of the pie to go around as the top-performing casino sites continue to rake in approximately $10 billion per year, which is some going.

Entain Are One Of The Market Leaders

Entain, formerly GVC Holdings, who own leading online casino brands such as PartyCasino, where you can play everything from a comprehensive range of online roulette games to every slot title imaginable, is one of the market leaders in the space, generating substantial revenue each year. Other top performers in recent times include Flutter Stars Group and Bet365, who also see substantial turnover per annum.

The Vast Majority Play From Home

Online casino and online gambling, in general, is incredibly popular. But, did you know that it’s now thought that around 96% of people opt to play at online casinos and the like at home rather than visiting land-based venues? It shows just how much online casinos have taken over and why land-based gaming venues could well be becoming a thing of the past.

Playing At Online Casinos Is Dominated By A Specific Age Group

Demographics is a buzzword that’s come to the fore over the last decade, and it’s something companies such as online casino businesses track to see how they fare with specific age groups. Currently, the demographic that play at online casinos are primarily aged between 35 and 44, making up over 29% of the total user base.

Online Gambling Set To Be Worth $100 Billion

It’s fair to say that by now, everyone will recognise that online gambling is worth billions. But, by 2026, it’s a market that is set to be worth in the region of $100 billion, and online casinos will make up a share of this. With each passing year, online casinos claim a larger slice of the market.

Over Half Game On The Go

The first step was taking casinos online, and now it appears that moving to mobile is the next logical step. And this is a process that is well underway in many respects, with around 55% of people now opting to gamble and play at casinos on their mobile than via any other device.

Most People Prefer Slots

We end with another stat that may seem like we’re stating the obvious because of how many there are available to play at online casinos, but it’s said that most people prefer to spin the reels of video slots over other forms of content. 48% love their slot machines, with the remaining 52% split between other games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and more.