Most Popular Sports in the World – (1930/2020)

What is the most popular sport in the world? In this video the analysis of the most popular sports in the world from 1930 to 2020. Obviously the damage is an estimate of the total. Most Popular Sports in the World – (1930/2020).

The most popular sports

Throughout the world, dozens, hundreds of different sports are practiced. From tennis to soccer. From Cricket to American footbaal. From artistic gymnastics to high jump. But what are the most popular sports in the world? And how has the popularity of these sports evolved?
In the video made by our Statistics and Data channel you can see this trend. In 2020 the most popular sport in the world is soccer. With more than 4 billion worldwide this sport is in fact the most loved by players and players around the globe. Following Cricket, the most practiced sport in India, and then Hockey, which in America and northern countries is usually very popular. The data of 1930 is different. According to different estimates during the third decade of 1900 the most practiced sport was Rugby with 55 million players. Soccer at that time in fact counted “only” 33 million players and was the sixth most famous sport in the world.

Most Popular Sports by Country

Having seen the most popular sports in the world (although the data is partial and limited) we now try to answer another question. What are the most popular sports per country? In this case, the graph below will help us with this answer.

1st Author, en:User:Earl Andrew, 2nd Author, User:THUGCHILDz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As can be seen on the map, the most popular sport in many countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America is football (soccer). In the United States, the most popular sport is American football and in Canada, ice hockey. Cricket is played in India and neighbouring countries as well as Australia.

American football in the US is also a sport people bet on the most, because of the popularity and availability of the American gambling industry.


Source and other links

The data were made by comparing different databases. Obviously the data do not present the exact number of players in the world, but they are an “estimate”. Source: RealBuzz; sportshow; Worldatlas.

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