Top semiconductor companies 2007/2022

The semiconductor market worldwide is growing steadily. If in 1987 the value of the market was $33 billion in 2021 it has reached $552.96 billion. And in 2022, sales could grow another 10 percent to over $600 billion. In 2024 it is estimated that for Smartphones alone the semiconductor market will reach $155 billion. But what are the top semiconductor companies? And what is meant by the term “semiconductor shortage”?

Top semiconductor companies

What are the top Semiconductor companies in the world? What are their revenues?

Samsung Electronics in 2021 returned the world’s top company by revenue due to semiconductor sales. In 2021, Samsung Electronic’s revenue was $75.950 billion. Compared to 2020 Samsung had a revenue growth of +31.6%. Thanks to this growth it returned to first place surpassing Intel. Intel which, in 2021, is the second largest company in the world by revenue due to semiconductor sales. Revenue in 2021 was similar to that of 2021. They were $72.759 billion in 2020 and became $73.100 in 2021. The growth was +0.5%. In third position is SK Hynix, which grew by more than 40% in revenues between 2020 and 2021. It went from 25.854 billion to 36.326 and holds 6.2% of the total market. It is followed by Micron Technology with 28.45 billion and in fifth position Qualcoom with 26.86 billion dollars in revenues. Qualcomm had a single year revenue growth of +52.3% from 17,632 in 2020 to 26,856 in 2021. It was followed by Broadcom, MediaTek, Texas Instruments NVIDIA and AMD.

More than 10 years earlier, in 2009, the semiconductor market was led not by Samsung Electronics but by Intel. Intel had revenues twice as high as Samsung Electronics. In 2009 Intel had 33.43 billion in revenues compared to 17.75 billion for Samsung Electronics. The third highest earning semiconductor company was Kioxia (Toshiba Memory) with $9.6 billion and Texas Instruments with $9.14 billion.

Semiconductor industry

Worldwide semiconductor sales are growing month after month, year after year. In September 2021, the semiconductor industry in a single month made 48.28 billion sales. Of these 16.72 billion in China alone. 13.02 billion in Asia and 10.70 in America. Compared to September 2020, the semiconductor industry grew by +27.6%. The peak was in America with +33.5 and the “lowest” figure in China with +24.0%.

Semiconductor shortage

The first microchip in history was launched on November 15, 1971. On the market appears the Intel 4004. This product is considered in the computer world the first microchip in history. Since 1971 until today, semiconductors have played an increasingly important role. Throughout history there have been several semiconductor crises. In 2000 for example the company Intel had several failures. Or in 2007 when due to a shortage of integrated circuits there was a shortage of Wii. But the semiconductor crisis of 2020 and 2021 was the most important one in history, until today. What is the reason for the semiconductor shortage? There are several reasons for this. The first is definitely related to the Coronavirus pandemic. All over the world production slowed down and then, once the first phase of the pandemic was over, it suddenly accelerated. The second reason is related to the trade war, still going on between United States and China. A third element concerns the drought in Taiwan and a fourth element the continuous mining of cryptocurrency. These four elements combined have produced a shortage of semiconductors.

Semiconductor stocks

But which semiconductor companies have the highest market capitalization? And which ones have the highest stock price?

The top company in the world by market capitalization is TSMS. TSMS’s market capitalization as of 2022 is $625068539904. In second place is NVIDIA with $602615447552 and in third is Samsung with $419719032958. The data is current as of February 4, 2020, the day the article was written. The price of shares of companies that deal with the sale of semiconductors and listed on the stock exchange varies from $ 649.95 of ASML, a Dutch company, to $ 2.35 of SMIC (Chinese company).

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