Top 10 States in America Most Interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum

California dominates as the #1 state in America most interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum, based on a new study by CoinGecko, the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator.

Crypto market still very active

The research aims to identify states in America that are most interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and does so by examining CoinGecko’s Bitcoin and Ethereum web page traffic within the United States, between May 2 to August 21, 2022. The data is then indexed on a scale of 0 to 100, and numbers represent web page traffic relative to the highest point in this data set.

Following California, other contenders in the top 10 are Illinois, New York, Florida, Washington, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Georgia and Arizona.

Surpassing all states, California makes up 43% of total Bitcoin and Ethereum web page traffic on CoinGecko, in the United States, signaling highest interest in these cryptocurrencies.

While Bitcoin records an average market share of 76% across the top 20 states by web page traffic (see figure 3), Ethereum’s market share is higher than Bitcoin’s market share for Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Florida (see figure 4).
Bobby Ong, COO and co-founder of CoinGecko commented on the findings: “It is unsurprising that California, as one of the world’s major technological hubs, takes the crown in ‘blue-chip’ cryptocurrency interest. What’s especially notable is Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Florida’s interest in Ethereum over Bitcoin. It remains to be seen how these rankings and market shares will play out in the coming months, with Ethereum’s Merge around the corner.”


The data is based on CoinGecko web page traffic to Bitcoin and Ethereum pages, within the United States, between May 2 and August 21, 2022. The data set is indexed to 100, where 100 is the highest point for web page traffic, given the time and location selected. Subsequent numbers represent web page traffic relative to this highest point.

Top 20 States in the U.S. by CoinGecko Bitcoin and Ethereum Web Page Traffic, Indexed
New York10.46.817.2
North Carolina1.50.72.3
New Jersey0.51.01.5

Top 10 Crypto 2022

But what are the top 10 Cryptos currently? In terms of price Bitcoin is still the Crypto with the highest value. In fact, Bitcoin’s price is over $20,000. The main crypto has had a price drop of -57% since last year but is still to date the most important Crypto. In second position we find Ethereum which has a value of almost $1600 per ETH.Cryptos that have a better price than a year ago include Leo Token, which grew by +86% and Shiba INU which had a growth of +85%.

In order to see all the charts and prices in real time:

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Article source: Coin Gecko. The second part of the article includes an analysis prepared by Statistics and Data.

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