Three Emerging Online Casino Trends To Watch Out For -

Three Emerging Online Casino Trends To Watch Out For

Online casino gaming is predicted to undergo massive growth in the upcoming period. Zion Market Research forecasts that the market will go from a value of $61.5bn in 2021, to almost doubling to $114bn by 2028. Some of that, of course, can be explained by current trends that will continue for years to come.

Online poker shot up in both customers and revenue in the pandemic period as casinos closed and home games were ruled out by social distancing. The diversification in depositing to online casinos has driven traffic as well – many will now accept at least some of the ‘Top 10 Cryptocurrencies’, although the recent failure of Luna Terra may have created jitters in the market and reticence to expand on crypto moving forward.

So with all that in mind, here are some variables that will definitely have a role to play in online gambling over the next half-decade.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is undoubtedly going to fuel at least part of this predicted rise. In the U.K., where playing online was legalised back in 2005, there are a multitude of operators offering mobile slots, bingo, sports betting and poker. In 2019, 50% of Britons had gambled using a smartphone. In America, the Supreme Court ruling of 2018 striking down a federal law banning sports betting has resulted in slower progress. States are still allowed to regulate their own gaming laws and thus far 21 states have allowed online sports betting with another four pending. Still, with only six states having permitted online poker, it can be assumed that the much simpler process of putting a wager on a football or basketball game can, and will be done via mobile – particularly if players are reacting to in-game odds changes during a fixture. Sports betting furnishing familiarity with the technology should lead to a quick adoption of online casino gaming as and when that becomes legal in a player’s state. The biggest growth however, may come from Africa, where the vast majority of people accessing the internet do so via a mobile device. Egypt, South Africa and Morocco are currently the top three countries in Africa for online gaming.

Branded gaming

Casino gamers can be a superstitious bunch. They like to go to their favourite gaming house, sit at a certain table (sometimes in a certain seat at that table) and play their favourite games as they believe it could affect their luck. Online gaming has been quick to adapt, bringing established branded games out of the physical casino and into the virtual one. In Italy, you’ll find video poker titles such as Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better and Joker Poker on many casino websites. In the U.K., games based on TV game shows have long been popular and Noel Edmonds’ Deal Or No Deal is still a staple of British online casinos even though the show stopped broadcasting in 2016. As new TV franchises, like Bradley Walsh’s The Chase continue to grow, so will the games inspired by them.

VR Gaming

Virtual reality – the viewing of a digital world through a headset for a fully immersive experience – has been seemingly on the verge of a breakthrough for a couple of decades. Nintendo’s Virtual Boy console came all the way back in 1995. However with graphics technology now being at the stage where digital worlds can be carved out, the behemoths of the tech industry like Meta (Facebook), HTC and Valve all have their own headsets. Gaming firms are eager to use the technology to recreate the casino experience in the player’s own home. However, there’s potential to go beyond that. The online slots from Foxy Bingo include Viking-themed games such as Masters of Valhalla and Vikings Go To Hell, which are perfect for developing into VR experiences. Imagine striding in to a gaming house in C10th Norway to pit your luck against the local chief – with no risk of the sharp end of an axe should you get the better of him. There’s already proof of concept in that the virtual poker rooms are the most popular space in the Decentraland metaverse, where gamers play with that world’s $MANA cryptocurrency. As more developers onboard into VR tech, limits will only be set by imaginations.

The gaming world is changing, and online gambling will be a big part of that. No longer does the casino mean getting dressed up and committing to a big night out. If one just wishes to play some video poker, then increasingly, that can be done instantly with the phone in our pocket. These three trends should play a big role in the continuing expansion of online casinos.

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