Steel Production by Country – 1967/2021

Which countries in the world produce the most steel? And how much is produced worldwide? To answer these questions, we will look at all the data on steel production from 1967 to 2020. To do this, we start with the first figure. Steel Production by Country.

Steel production in 2020 was 1.866.5 million metric tons. In 1967, the first available figure in the historical series, the figure was 497.2. As in so many other sectors, strong economic growth in China and India drove the global figure.

Steel Statistics

But let’s start by answering a first question. Which nations in the world will produce the most steel in 2020? At the top of this list is China, which produced 1064.8 thousand metric tons of steel in 2020. A figure that not only puts it in first place, but which is much higher than the other nations. In fact, China is 10 times more valuable than India, which is the world’s second largest steel producer in 2020.

India’s value in 2020 was 100.3. All three of the world’s top nations are Asian. In fact, the third most steel-producing nation in the world is Japan with a figure of 83.2. Only in fourth place is the United States with 72.7 and in fifth place is Russia with 71.6.

As can be seen from the tree diagram above, China accounts for more than 50% of global steel production. At the same time, India, Japan, the US and South Korea also cover a large part of the remaining share of global production.

World Steel Production

But how has steel production around the world changed and evolved over time? Except for a few moments, production has almost always been on the rise. From 1967 to 2020 you can see how the figure has grown by almost 300%. This is because, as we have explained, China and India have exponentially increased their production, at the request of other countries.

Company by Steel Production 2020

We’ve seen the data for the world’s top nations for steel production. And we’ve seen how steel production has changed over time. But what, then, are the companies that produce the most of it in the world?

China Baowu Steel Group is the number one company by steel production. As can easily be guessed, it is located in China and had a production in 2020 of 115.3. To understand the strength of this company, it is enough to think that China Baowu alone exceeds the production of the second nation in the world for steel production (China). In second place in this ranking we find Arcleor Mittal with 78.5 and in third place Hesteel Group with 43.8. It is interesting to note that in the first 10 positions there are almost exclusively Chinese companies.

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