Population of the Ukraine – 1900/2022

What is the population of the Ukraine? How has it changed from 1900 to 2022? How many inhabitants did Ukraine have before the start of the war? In today’s article we will try to answer these different questions by analysing Ukraine’s demographics throughout history. In a context where, according to the UNHCR currently the population that is a refugee, from Ukraine to other nations, has almost reached 4 million.

Ukraine Population 2021

Let’s try to answer a first question. What was the population of Ukraine in 2021? According to the latest estimates the population of Ukraine in 2021 was over 41 million. More precisely, there were 41,176,336 people living in Ukraine. Compared to 2020, the population had decreased by 714,263 people. In fact, in 2020, the population was about 41.9 million. In general, the sharpest change – in terms of population – was seen from 2014 to 2015. With the Annexation of Crimea to Russia.

In January 2021 there were 271,984 new (live) births and 714,263 deaths. The comparison between births and deaths was -442,279: the worst figure in recent history. However, this figure is similar to several other EU countries where the population is ageing and at the same time not many children are being born.

Ukraine Population 2022

We have seen that in 2021 Ukraine’s population was just over 41 million. But what might the 2022 population of the Ukraine be? At the moment it is difficult to have precise estimates. But data from UNHCR can certainly be useful. As of 26 March 2022, UNHCR claims that the refugee population that has left Ukraine is close to 4 million. More precisely, according to UNHCR, the current refugee population is 3,821,049.

Currently, the majority of Ukrainian refugees have chosen Poland as their country of refuge. The number of Ukrainian refugees in Poland is 2,267,103. In Romania it is 589,942 and in Moldavia 381,395.

So if we subtract from the registered population the number of refugees currently estimated by UNHCR, we have a figure of what the current population of Ukraine might be.

The estimated population of Ukraine in 2022 could be 37.5 million. Obviously this figure is to be taken as a “possible figure”. It is in fact easy to see how in the UNCHR count there may be thousands of families and people who have left Ukraine and have not been counted.

The most populated areas of Ucriana

We have seen how many inhabitants there were in Ukraine from 1900 to 2021. And what the population of Ukraine might be in 2022. But what are the most populated areas of Ukraine?

The area currently with the most inhabitants in Ukraine is Donest Oblast with 4,387,702 inhabitants. The urban population of this area is 3,973,317 while the rural area is 414,385. The data in question refer to 1 November 2015 but are nevertheless interesting in understanding the territorial distribution of the population.

The second most populous Oblast in Ukraine is Dnipropetrovsk Oblas with 3,258,705 inhabitants, followed in third place by the municipality of Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine). The first Oblast in particular, Donestk Oblast, is the one where a day-to-day war is currently being fought. This oblast includes, for example, the city of Mariupol, which had about 510,000 inhabitants in the 2001 census - the last official one.

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