Most visited Website – 1996/2022

Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo. These are some of the most visited sites in the world. In the last 15 years, the number of users who used the internet has grown at an impressive speed: from just over a billion in 2015 we have gone up to an estimated 4.9 billion in 2021. Since the number of users increased, also has the offer of online sites: but which are the most visited in the world? What are the most popular websites in history? In today’s article we will delve into the history of the internet and the most viewed websites.

Most Popular Website

If internet users are constantly growing, which are the most popular internet sites in the world? The most visited site in the world is Google. Google had 91,140,000,000 visits recorded in January 2022. has an average visit time of 11 minutes and 16 seconds and page views per visit are 8.55.

In second position among the most consulted sites we find Youtube with 35,910,000,000 visits in the month of January 2022. Thanks to this figure, Youtube surpassed Facebook – recently becoming Meta – which totaled 21,130,000,000 visits. No other site, other than these three giants, managed to exceed the quota of 10 billion monthly visits. Twitter hits 7,010,000,000 and Instagram stops at 6,800,00,000. In the top ten there are also Baidu, Wikipedia, Yandex, Yahoo and Xvideos, which closes the top 10 with 3,320,000,000. Just outside the top ten there is Whatsapp, in eleventh position.

Most Popular Websites 2022 (Monthly visit):

  1. Google, 91,140,000,000;
  2. Youtube, 35,910,000,000;
  3. Facebook, 21,130,000,000;
  4. Twitter; 7,010,000,000;
  5. Instagram; 6,800,000,000;
  6. Baidu; 5,620,000,000;
  7. Wikipedia, 5,500,000,000;
  8. Yandex, 3,920,000,000;
  9. Yahoo, 3,630,000,000;
  10. *videos, 3,320,000,000;
  11. Whatsapp, 3,010,000,000;

Most Popular Website in the US

What are the most popular sites in the United States? In this case the ranking changes. If the first three positions do not change and are always occupied by Google, Youtube and Facebook, in fourth position we find Amazon, the well-known e-commerce, shopping and much more company that monthly exceeds 800 thousand visits. In the top 10 positions there is also, the social network site that is continuing to generate interest from users. In tenth position another platform appears, Discord: launched in 2015, it continues to have enormous success especially among gamers and streamers.

AOL history – the most viewed site before the new millennium?

If Google, Facebook and YouTube have been the most visited monthly sites in the world for decades, what were the most viewed sites at the beginning of the world wide web era?

For years, AOL had dominated the world wide web. The history of AOL began in 1983 as a service for the Atari 2600 video game console. Over the years the services then increased until the real turning point between 1991 and 1992. It was in those years that the first AOL for DOS was launched on the market, and later AOL for Windows. One of AOL’s most famous and popular products has certainly been the Chat Room, which was made public in May 1997. Thanks to all these services, AOL was for many years the most visited site in the world followed by Yahoo and MSN.

Launched in August 1995, MSN – The Microsoft Network was a web portal that debuted as a service at the same time as the launch of Windows 95. Made by Microsoft, this allowed you to integrate a series of application services such as Windows Live Hotmail, Messenger and others. In 1996 the second version, MSN.2.0, was released. The site linked to it,, had a strong success in the following years. The new format in fact included free content and for years was the default start page of Internet Explorer.

Most Visited Porn Sites

Among the most growing sites in the world there are certainly “adult” sites. The first two to enter the top 10 of the most viewed sites in the world were PornHub and Xvideos.

But what are the most viewed adult sites in the world? In 2022 Xvideos is the one that gets the most views: in January, the visits were 3,320,000,000 across the globe. And it is a data that has been stable for a few months now: it was 3.4 billion in December 2021 and 3.2 billion in November of the same year. The average duration of the views is 10 minutes and 1 second. The nation where it is most viewed is the United States with 19.38% of the total, followed by Brazil with 7.98%.

In second position among the most viewed adult sites are xnxx, with 2.5 billion visits on January 2022, and in third place pornhub (in 13th position among the most viewed sites in the world). Total visits to this site totaled 2.3 billion worldwide, of which 24.16% came from the United States, 5.82% from Japan and 5.64% from Germany.

Top Websites Ranking for Adult in the world

  1. Xvideos: 3,200,000,000;
  2. Xnxx: 2,500,000,000;
  3. Pornhub: 2,300,000,000;
  4. Xhamster: 1,400,000,000;
  5. Realsrv: 733,600,000;
Most Popular Social Media

As we have seen, some of the most popular social media sites – including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – are among the most viewed sites in the world. But which are the social media with the most active users?

The data in this case refer to October 2021. During that month, the most popular social network was Facebook, with 2,895 million active users, followed by Youtube with 2,291, Whatsapp with 2,000 and Instagram with 1,393. In the top positions we also find TikTok with over 1,000 million active users and now constant growth.

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