Most Popular Social Media 2004/2023

June 30 will be celebrated again this year all over the world as Social Media Day. The day dedicated to all social media and the great change it has brought to our society.

Social Media refers to all those media that enable users to create and share content with others. But what are the most popular social media? When did they originate and how did they evolve? How has their use changed in recent years?

Most Popular Social Media 2023

What are the most popular social media in 2023? The most widely used social media in the world is Facebook, with 2,958,000 users. The Facebook platform, launched in February 2004, is still the most widely used social media platform in the world (and is also one of the most visited websites in the world). In fact, the number of monthly active users is close to 3 billion and surpasses Youtube by 400 million users. The second most used social media site in the world is Youtube itself, which has 2,514,000 users, according to the Digtal 2022 report. In third place is the messaging app Whatsapp with about 2 million users as of January 2023.

In the top positions globally, behind Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp, we find Instragram, which reached 2 million users as Whatsapp in 2023. A growth for Instagram of more than +30%. Next behind Instagram is Weixin/Wechat with 1,309,000 and in sixth position is TikTok. Then next are Facebook Messenger, Douyin, Telegram and Snapchat with 635 million users.

Most Popular Social Media – 2023

  • Facebook: 2,958,000,000
  • Youtube: 2,514,000
  • Whatsapp: 2,000,000,000
  • Instagram: 2,000,000,000
  • WeChat: 1,309,000,000
  • TikTok: 1,051,000,000
  • Facebook: Messanger: 931,000,000
  • Douyin: 715,000,000
  • Telegram: 700,000,000

TikTok Growth

While Facebook is still the most widely used Social Network in the world, the real revolution in recent years seems to be TikTok. In fact, the Chinese platform is depopulating a great deal among younger people and is slowly reaching record figures. If in January 2018 there were about 55 million monthly active users (MAUs), as of September 2021 the same figure is about 1 billion users. The growth has been incredible. As of December 2019, the monthly user figure has almost doubled: it was 508 million in December 2019 and is now-pending new updates-over 1 billion. In January 2023 monthly TikTok active users are 1,051,000,000.

But which nations in the world have the largest audience for TikTok? At the top of the list is the United States. The audience in this nation is 116.49 million. Next among the countries with over 50 million viewers are Indonesia with 112.97, Brazil with 84.13, Mexico with 62.44 and Russia with 51.24. Another data point certainly of interest to TikTok concerns the percentage of users by age. The group that uses it the most is 18 to 24 years old for the female gender with 23.8% and 17.9% for the male gender. Only about 2% of users are over the age of 55. A completely different age distribution from Facebook where the largest group for the male gender is between 25-35 years old with 18.4%.

Social media users worldwide 

June 30 marks Social Media Day. This day is dedicated to all social media and the great changes they have brought to society. Social Media Day is celebrated on June 30. This day is dedicated to all social media and the great changes they have brought to society. But how many total social media users are there in 2023? And how many may they become in 2027?

In 2023 the number of users using Social Media is 4.9 billion. Worldwide, nearly 60 percent of the population uses at least one Social Media. According to data published by Statista by 2027 the number of users using Social Media could reach 5.85 billion worldwide. If growth forecasts say that the world population will be 8.3 billion in 2027 this means that in five years the percentage of people using social will be more than 70 percent.

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