The Most Popular Databases – 2006/2022

What are the most widely used and popular database management systems (DBMS) in the world? How have databases evolved from 2006 to 2022, and which are the 10 most popular? Again this year we will analyze the world’s most popular database from 2006 to 2022. The monthly data on the most used databases in the world refer to the TOPDB Top Databases index.

Top 15 Most Popular Database – 2006/2022

What are the most popular Databases in 2022? According to the TOPDB Top Database index the most popular database is Oracle with 32.09%. In second position is My Sql with 16.64 and in third position is Sql Server with 13.72%.

Oracle is not only the most searched database in 2022, it has been the most searched database in the world since at least 2006. In the top five positions besides Oracle, MySql and SQL Server is Microsoft Access with a 7.59 percent valor and followed by PostgreSQL with 4.94 percent. The first version of Microsoft Access was released in November 1992 by Microsoft. Currently, the latest version launched is the 2019 version.

Next in the top 10 positions are MongoDB, Firebase, Splunk, Redis, and ElasticSearch. In fact, ElasticSearch is in tenth position with a usage percentage of 2.1% of the total. Closing in 15th position is SAP with a usage percentage of 1.05% of the total.

Most popular Database 2022

Above we saw data from 2006 to 2022 on the most popular databases via TODB. But how does the data change if we analyze another data source: db-engines? Again, Oracle is the most used database in the world. In fact, Oracle’s score is 1262.82 as of May 2022. This is up 8 points from April 2022 and down -7.12 points from May 2021. Next are again Mysql with a score of 1202.10 and Microsoft Sql Server with 941.20. The first three positions are thus equal to the dataset used in the video. The discussion changes when analyzing from the fourth position down. In fact, Microsoft Access is in ninth position with 143.44 points while in fourth position we find PostgreSQL with 615.29 points and growing adi +56.04 points from May 2021.

The database that grew the most in popularity and usage from 2021 to 2022 was Snowflake. The growth was 63.46 points, which allowed the database to come in 14th position. The database model is Relational. Also growing was PostgreSQL with an increase of 56.04 points in a single year. In contrast, among the databases that lost the most points were Microsoft SQL Serverc co n a drop of -51.46 points, MySql with -34.28, and Oracle, which lost -7.12 points. All three databases lost some points in the last year.

Most popular Database 2021

What is the most popular database in 2021?

In this case the first 3 positions remain the same. At the first place we find Oracle, with a score of 1321.73, at the second MySql with 1254.83 and at the third Microsoft SQL Server with 1015. Already in fourth place we see how the ranking changes: according to DB-Engines the fourth most used database in the world is PostgreSQL which has a value of 549.29.

To give another interesting example, while in TOPDB Microsoft Access is in fourth position, in DB-Engines Ranking Access is in the top position with a value of 118.14. 1/10 compared to Oracle. (To learn more about how DB parameters are calculated here is the link:

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