Most Popular Baby Names 2020

In 2020, 139.98 million boys and girls were born worldwide. Also in the last year, in the United States, the number of births was 3.6 million. But what are the most popular names used in 2020? What are the most popular male names and what are the most popular female names? In today’s article we will answer these questions. most popular baby names 2020

Most Popular Baby Names 2020

Liam and Olivia. These are the two most popular baby names in 2020. In fact, in 2020, Liam was used by 19,659 parents who chose to give this name to their little ones. For the female gender Olivia was the most used name with 17,535 new girls. Returning to the male sex, besides Liam, the most used names in 2020 were Noah and Oliver. Noah with 18,252 and Oliver with 14,147. In the top 20 positions we also find Elijah, William, James, and many others. Mateo closes the 20th position with 8900 children.

For the female gender as mentioned Olivia is the most used name in 2020. It is followed by Emma and Ava with 15,581 and 13,084 children respectively. The top 20 names also include Charlotte, Sophia, Amelia, Isabella, Mia and others including Luna, with 7,770. Emiliy, Avery and Mila close the top 20 with 6,856 – 6,698 and 6,602.

Most popular baby boy names 2020

As we have seen, the most popular male name in 2020 was Liam. The name Liam has been the most used name in the United States for four years now. In fact, since 2017, Liam has become the most popular name for boys. The name has grown in popularity since the second decade of the 2000s. In fact, among the most popular names in 2000, Liam occupied the 140th position. As time went on, in 2020, this name was already ranked 30th. For 3 years, from 2014 to 2016, Liam was the second most used name in the United States before becoming the most used name in all respects from 2017 onwards.

Most popular baby girl names 2020

If Liam is the most popular name for boys, we have seen how Olivia is the most popular name for girls. For the last 2 years, the name Olivia has been the most popular name for new baby girls. In fact, it was ranked number 1 in 2019 and has remained number 1 in 2019. The name Olivia, unlike Liam which has grown especially in the last decade, has always been very popular. Already in 2001 it was among the 10 most used names. From 2001 onwards this name has always remained in the top 10. Since 2013 it has been in the top 3. In percentage terms, this name was used by 1% of the total female births in the United States. It was followed by Emma with 0.89% and Ava with 0.74%.

Popular names for births in 1921-2020

Among the many interesting data in is the most popular name in total from 1921 to 2020.

The most common first name in history over the last 100 years is James. With 4,700,229 children born with this name, James is the most popular name from 1921 to 2020. In addition to James, Robert and John are in the top 3 with 4,700,229 and 4,455,696 respectively. It is interesting to note from this data that the name Liam, first for births in 2020, is not actually among the top 100 names from 1921 to 2020.

And for the female gender, what is the most used name from 1921 to 2020? In first place is Mary. Mary is the most used name with 3,196,385. In second place is Patricia with 1,558,407 and Jennifer with 1,468,377. While for the male gender the currently most popular name, Liam, does not appear in the list of the most popular names from 1921 to 2020, for the female gender the matter changes. In fact, Olivia is not only the most popular name in 2020 but also ranks 57th with 481,364.

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