JavaScript for Web Development

We have all heard about programming languages like C++, JAVA, Angular, etc. These developer languages make the process of web development and designing easier and more efficient. If you are someone who is keen to learn such programming languages, then enrolling in a web development certificate online can be a good choice. 

The web development certifications will help candidates learn to utilize the design and create dynamic websites. With these certifications, the candidate masters the fundamentals of web development and learns the necessary skills with practical training.

Well, today, we will be discussing one of the most commonly used languages, i.e., JAVASCRIPT. What is Java, and how does it work? What are its benefits? Don’t worry! We will be providing you with the answer to all these questions. So, let us begin by discussing what JavaScript is!

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language that is primarily used to create dynamic and interactive experiences for users. Interestingly, the majority of the functions, as well as applications that make the internet indispensable to us, are coded in JavaScript.  

JavaScript helps in implementing composite features in web pages and shows steady information for the users to look at. For instance, you might have seen those timely updates for the content, interactive navigation maps, graphics, etc. Well, in each one of them, JavaScript is involved.  

JavaScript is both close-packed as well a flexible language. Many developers create and incorporate different kinds of tools in JavaScript language, thereby unlocking a huge amount of functions with minimal effort. The language includes

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) 
They are used for providing various functions such as generating HTML and setting CSS styles. They are also used for manipulating and collecting data and producing 3D graphics as well as audio/ video samples.

Third-party Libraries
Third-party libraries and frameworks can be used to accelerate the process of creating sites as well as applications.

Third-party APIs
They allow the developers to integrate functions from content providers like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Let us look at an example to understand this. Before beginning, it is important to note that JAVA is quite complicated and challenging as compared to CSS and HTML. Below are the steps that you can follow to know the features of JavaScript.

  1. Go to the test website & make a new folder called ‘Scripts.’ After the folder is created, create a new text document called ‘major.js.’ Save it further.
  1. In the ‘index.html’ file, enter the code on a new line before you close the </body> tag. 
  2. <script
  3. Further, add the following coding lines to the ‘major.js’ file.
    Const myHeading =
    document. querySelector (‘h1’);
    myHeading. textContent =
    ‘Hi Everyone!’;
  4. Make sure that you save the JavaScript (JS) & HTML files. Further, you have to load ‘index.html’ in the web browser. The result will be as follows:
    “Hi Everyone!”  

So, this is how JavaScript works and you get the desired result. Now, there are certain benefits as well as shortcomings of JavaScript in Web Development. So, let us discuss them in detail.

Benefits of JavaScript in Web Development

As the world is growing so is technology! Today, we want fast-paced networks and frameworks that can help complete work on time and efficiently. No matter how many programming languages you use, JavaScript will be the most popular and commonly used web development language. Now, you must be wondering why. Well, the answer is below. Take a look!

Trusted Framework
One of the most integral features of a programming language that a developer uses is that it must be trusted. JavaScript is one of the most trusted languages and is used by each and every developer. Several improvements have taken place over the years and JavaScript is becoming more and more useful. Thus, to build creative and dynamic websites, JavaScript is the trusted language used by developers.

Independent Language
To work with different programming languages, many programs need to be installed. But this is not the case with JAVA! JavaScript is supported by every web browser. JavaScript is completely independent, thereby enabling you to check your code and project directly through the browser.

Each to Learn
If you are wondering which is the first web development language that you should learn, then you must start with JavaScript. It is an extremely easy language to learn and is open-source which helps you create high-end projects and applications.

Less Server Interaction
JavaScript enables you to validate the user input before sending the page to the server. The language helps in saving the server traffic resulting in less load on the server.

Immediate Feedback
JavaScript provides users with immediate feedback so that they do not have to wait longer to reload the page. This makes the process of developing efficient and effective.

Running Multiple Tasks
JavaScript provides users with a loop module that helps them run multiple tasks at the same time. A lot of users might think that this will make the process slower, but it is not so! With JavaScript, you can run any number of projects as JAVA itself will manage those tasks.    

Extended Functionalities
JavaScript includes third-party integration which helps developers a lot with their projects. For instance, if a project is lacking any features, it can be integrated with the help of a third party.

Client-Side Worker Language
JavaScript is a client-side worker that enables users to make changes from the client side. This is one of the major benefits of JavaScript. The clientside worker adds up a good interaction between the web pages and the users. 

JavaScript provides a lot of benefits apart from the ones mentioned above. But along with the advantages, there are some disadvantages of the language as well. So, let us now discuss them!

Limitations of JavaScript

JavaScript is popular and a commonly used language but it is not full-fledged. Here are the features that it lacks: 

  • Client-side JavaScript does not allow the reading/ writing of files. 
  • JavaScript is challenging when it comes to developing large applications. 
  • The configuration of JavaScript is a tedious task. 
  • JavaScript code is always visible to everyone. This is one disadvantage as anyone and everyone can view the code. 
  • Despite being a fast language, JavaScript DOM will always be slow. 
  • While working on a project, if an error occurs, it can stop rendering the entire website. 
  • JavaScript is interpreted differently by different browsers. This makes the language a bit complex. 
  • JavaScript does not have multiprocessor and multi-threading capabilities.

So, these are the disadvantages of using JavaScript in web development. The benefits always outweigh the shortcomings and this is the reason why JAVA is so popular.

Now, here is the interesting part – there are three alternatives to JavaScript. Do you wish to know what they are? Well, hang on and read further!

Alternatives to JavaScript

To cut a long story short, there is no programming language other than JavaScript that offers unique features to users. But still, there are certain alternatives to JavaScript. Here they are!

  1. CoffeeScript
    It is the first alternative to JavaScript that can be used with Node.js. So, if you wish to work with CoffeeScript, then you must know JavaScript as well as Node.js.
  2. TypeScript
    This programming language is created via Microsoft. Being an alternative, this language enhances the working and functionality of JavaScript for small as well as big concepts.
  3. Dart
    Dart is produced by Google and offers several features that help to create high-quality applications easily and swiftly.
Development Tools of JavaScript    

Apart from the alternatives mentioned above, there are major strengths of the JavaScript language, i.e., development tools. Development tools make JavaScript a functional and commonly used language. Here are some of the development tools that make our everyday life simple.

Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft has a popular HTML editor known as FrontPage. The FrontPage provides web developers with numerous JavaScript tools that help them assist in creating interactive, creative, and dynamic websites. 

Macromedia HomeSite 5
HomeSite 5 is one of the popular development tools of JavaScript that is used for managing websites and projects effectively.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX is an HTML and JavaScript editor that integrates well with databases and conforms to new standards like XML, XHTML, etc.


JavaScript is the first client-side scripting language that is widely used. Over the years, many developments have taken place in the language because the developers felt that it was inefficient and a bit finicky. Needless to say, the improvements have improved our everyday life for the good! Today, JavaScript is used with other languages for small as well as complex projects. JAVA is the building block of many applications and projects and it still is the most commonly used language!

Now, if you wish to become a developer, then you need to learn web development languages. There are several web development certification programs online that provide you with an in-depth knowledge of web development tools and techniques. These certifications will help you acquire the necessary skills to master the fundamentals of web design and development.

Apply today for these certifications and learn web development languages like JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, React, and many more!

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