Global deaths from natural disasters in History

In the history of mankind there have always been natural disasters. These are defined as events resulting from the natural processes of Planet Earth. They include earthquakes, tsunamis, firestorms, hurricanes and much more. In today’s article we will look at which countries in the world have the highest number of victims of natural disasters. We will look at the data from 1990 to 2017 on video, but we will also look at the data more broadly. Global deaths from natural disasters.

Natural Disaster Deaths by Country. 1990 to 2017

Let’s start first by analyzing the data in the video. Above in fact is shown which are the first nations in the world for victims of natural disasters from 1990 to 2017. In 2017 the first nation in the world for victims from natural disasters was Puerto Rico. This figure – which according to several sources may have reached 3059 total victims is due to Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Maria in fact was a category number 5 phenomenon that devastated the northeastern part of the Caribbean. The areas affected were different including the Dominican Republic, Haiti and others, but in general the greatest damage and victims were in Puerto Rico.

To have such a negative figure, at the level of a single nation, we have to go back a few years. In fact, in 2015 there was an earthquake in Nepal with a Mercalli intensity of VIII equal to the Severe value. With epicenter of the earthquake in Gorkha. In this case the total victims recorded were about 8800 to which we add the victims of the next earthquake due to aftershocks.

From 1990 to 2017, natural disasters have been several and as a result, there have been many victims as well. Among these to be noted is absolutely. In 1990, for example, the Manjil-Rudbar earthquake, which occurred on June 21, caused between about 35 and 50 thousand victims. The injured were about 100 thousand.The earthquake was categorized as “maximum intensity”.

Another dramatic event was for example the Cyclone in Bangladesh in 1991. In that year in Bangladesh the casualties were 139252. Cyclone IMD: BOB01 was one of the tropical cyclones that produced more victims in history. The damage of the affected areas, in addition to humanitarian terms, was $1.7 billion in economic terms.

Global deaths from natural disasters, 1931 to 2019

In order to remember all the victims of the Second World War, here is a video with the deaths in each country. After looking at the data by country, in this chapter we will look at the data on a global level. What were the years with the highest number of victims of natural disasters from 1931 to 2019? The worst year, according to EMDAT data, seems to have been the first, 1931. In 1931, there were 3.710 million victims of natural disasters worldwide. This figure is largely due to the 1931 floods in China. Between June and August 1931, one of the biggest natural disasters ever occurred in the Asian country. It is estimated that the number of people who died ranged from 450,000 to over 4 million. At the time, it is estimated that as many as 53 million people were affected in various ways, with subsequent deaths of some 3.7 million caused by problems such as the flood itself, famine and disease.

Ten deadliest natural disasters

Having looked at the victims of natural disasters both by individual states and in total, we try here to answer another question. What were the ten deadliest natural disasters? This figure excludes epidemics, famine and the flooding of the Yellow River in 1938. As we have already seen, 1931 was the year with the most ‘trafic’ event with the floods in China. It is estimated that there were 4 million deaths (highest estimate). In second place was the flooding of the Yellow River in September 1887 in China, and in third place was the Shaanxi earthquake of 1556.

Among the ten deadliest natural disasters are two events recorded in the new millennium. These include the 2010 Haiti earthquake (12 January 2010). With a magnitude of 7.0 square metres, this earthquake not only claimed many lives but also caused the collapse of almost 300,000 structures including residences and commercial buildings. The total damage, estimated in billions, varied between 7.8 billion and 8.5 (dollars).

Ninth on the list of the ten most horrific natural disasters was the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean on the day after Christmas 2004, which claimed 275,000 lives according to the highest estimates.

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