Biggest Dot-com Companies 1998/2019

With the advent of the internet, dot-coms were also born. Service companies that work and earn largely through web-related services. But which are the main companies of this sector? How have market capitalizations evolved from their advent to today?

Biggest Dot-com Companies

In the video below you can see the evolution of the Biggest Dot-com Companies from 1998 to 2019.

The data refers to the market capitalization of each individual company.

In the late second millennium and early years of the new one, Yahoo was the strongest company. In fact, Yahoo’s market capitalization reached over $100,000,000M. 1999 we also see the company of Jeff Bezos, born in 1996.

But since 2001 to grow is Ebay. the famous site of direct online sales and by auction, born in 1995, has been in the proima position for many years. Only since 2005 Ebay has been overtaken by Google.

Google has maintained the first position for many years. From 2015 to 2018. Only in 2018 Amazon has overtaken it.

Top Dot-Com Companies in 2019

But what are the top internet companies of 2019? If above we saw the data based on market capitalization (which in this table is given more in favor of Google) what are the companies that make the most revenue?

In terms of Revenue ($B) Amazon is the first in 2019 with 280.5. A very high value if we consider that Google has a revenue of 161.9. It is also true that between Amazon and Google there is a big difference in terms of workers. Amazon in 2019 declares almost 800 thousand worldwide, while Google 120 thousand or so. In third place for Revenue we find JD.COM, a company founded in 1998, which despite having almost 1/20 of the Market Cap of Amazon and Google has a revenue in 2019 of 82.8 ($B). In terms of workers this company in 2019 claims to have 220,000. In fourth and fifth place for Revenue we find Facebook and the Chinese company Alibaba.

PositionCompanyRevenue ($B)Market Cap($B)HeadquartersFounding year
1Amazon$280.5$920.22United States Seattle1994
2Google$161.8$921.14United States Mountain View1998$82.8$51.51China Beijing1998
4Facebook$70.69$585.37United States Menlo Park2004
5Alibaba$56.152$570.95China Hangzhou1999
6Tencent$54.08$460.98China Shenzhen1998$38.06$13.47China Nanjing1990
9Netflix$20.16$141.98United States Los Gatos1997
10ByteDance$20$78.00China Beijing2012
11PayPal$17.77$126.88United States San Jose1998$17.1$161.71United States San Francisco1999
13Baidu$15.43$43.71China Beijing2000
14Booking$15.06$85.06United States Norwalk1996
15Uber$14.15$51.05United States San Francisco2009
16Meituan-Dianping$13.7$50.8China Beijing2010
17Expedia$12.07$15.42United States Bellevue1996
18Rakuten$11.6$11.67Japan Tokyo1997
19Adobe$11.17$149.3United States San Jose1982
20eBay$10.8$28.74United States San Jose1995

Source and useful links

The sources for this video are different. Data source: multiple stock exchanges; Wikipedia: List of largest Internet Companies;

Thanks to the data mentioned above, it was possible to make the video. As for the data updated to 2020, I used the various news items that can be tracked through Google.

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